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Health and Potty Training . . . Kinda

Thanks for all emails asking how Madison was.  She's actually doing fine now.  I was right.  Her keytones were pretty high and as soon as I got them in check, she was her normal annoying self.  Something I will be asking the doctor when we got for her  year old checkup (when I get around to scheduling it) is when I can let her go to school and when I should keep her home (aff) based on her keytone levels.

And on the potty training front.  Well, something weird has happened with Will.  Really weird.  Bill and I were seeing who could be more stubborn.  We were out of diapers and neither of us wanted to run and get new ones.  That means, yesterday, Will got stuck in pullups because I had no other diapers.  This is where the weirdness comes in.  Will could sit in a wet diaper all day and not have it bother him.  However, as soon as he pees in the pullups, he takes it off, and goes and grabs a new one.  However, he won't sit on the toilet (or the potty chair).  I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

That's the updates on the home (aff) front.

3 thoughts on “Health and Potty Training . . . Kinda

  1. That is very weird yet funny all at the same time. At least it won't be lasting much longer (think positive)! Because it is going to be gone before you know it. Good luck with the mama drama.

  2. Oy, potty training can really be a head-scratcher. Give it a little time and I'm sure the little one will come around.

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