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Helicopter Crash

Did you all hear about the helicopter crash that happened in Aurora, IL on Thursday?  I get upset everytime I hear about it, and since it is fairly local, it hits home.  We use to live in Aurora near Copley Hospital where I think this happened.  Also, as a mother, it breaks my heart to hear of a little one dying.  The little girl (who was one) was being taken by helicopter to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  It seems as if the helicopter hit a radio tower.  They aren't sure if the lights were working on it.  However, the tower operator swears they were on.  From what I have also heard, this tower was used as a landmark and it was referenced on maps that should have been on the helicopter.  I wonder if the families of all involved in this should be talking to helicopter accident lawyers (you can find some at HelicopterAccidentAttorney.com). The pilot of the helicopter was a father who worked two jobs to support his six kids. It is a sad story all the way around.

What floors me is that two years ago, the FAA was asked to force the companies who run these helicopters to give the pilot night goggles and training and devices that warn pilots about obstacles and terrain. They would only recommend it which means companies aren't going to do it. Not surprising, the pilot of this crash did not have these safety devices. The rate of these helicopters crashed are at an epidemic, and as of right now, nothing is being done. That is almost as sad as these senseless deaths.

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