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Help Giveaway!

As I've blogged before, I live at Walgreens some weeks. One of the product lines they carry that I absolutely love is Help.

Help recently announced the launch of help I’m nauseous. Just in time for summer, help I’m nauseous saves you from the stomach-churning perils of being sandwiched in the middle seat on airplanes, riding in the back of the station wagon cross country while your parents sing show tunes (I swear we were listening to the alternative rock station on the way to New York), sailing on booze cruises, and sight-seeing on double decker buses. help I’m nauseous contains eight non-drowsy 25 mg Meclizine HCI tablets for relief of motion sickness in an easy to carry, portable clamshell package. The product contains a single active ingredient (Meclizine HCI) and comes in earth-friendly paper pulp and bioplastic packaging.

I love the Help Products because each product is titled for the problem you are having like help I can't sleep. I also love that 5% of their profits are given to organizations that make sure US children without healthcare get access to healthcare. The other great thing about help is that all of Help's solutions contain a single ingredient. You know exactly what you are taking instead of some of the other products on the market that have multiple ingredients.

Since I love these products, I have arranged for one lucky reader to get a Help Prize Pack! Here's what you need to do:

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