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Help Is Here For That Little Red Butt

If you have children in your house, you have dealt with diaper rash one time or another. I have never met a mom who hasn't dealt with this issue before. Most diaper rash issues can be dealt with over the counter products like Desitin. However,no matter how much you change your child, they can still get diaper rash and get it bad.

My son is literally a pooping machine. Normally, this is not an issue. We is changed (almost constantly) and this isn't an issue. However, when he is teething, we have a completely different story. His butt gets so red. I feel so bad for the little man. It has gotten to the point that he has gotten sores on his little behind due to the diaper rash (even though I am doing everything I should). We have had prescriptions written out for this very problem.

I just recently found out that there is a new product on the market called Vusion. It is for diaper rash that is caused by a yeast infection (not too sure how you tell that but that's the doctor's job. That's what we pay them for. However, I do know that yeast is part of Will's severe diaper rash.). It can be used on babies as little as 4 weeks and is only available by prescription. It is only to be used for 7 days and not for preventative care. I know this is something that I will bring up to my son's doctor the next time he gets severe diaper rash to see if this will work for him. Check it out if you have a little one with diaper rash, so you can discuss it with your doctor.

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  1. I used Burdeox's Butt Paste (may have spelled the name wrong) as a preventative measure for my kids. It worked great, but once a diaper rash was established, it was difficult to treat. This looks like an interesting product because it treats rashes caused by yeast. This can save some mom's from visiting the doctor if you know what to look for. Generally speaking I was told that if the diaper rash did not show signs of improvement within a couple days of treatment, the rash is likely caused by yeast.

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