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Help The Fight Against Autism

As you all know I have a couple of causes that are near and dear to my heart.  The first one is March of Dimes.  The second one is autism.  Not only do I have a cousin with autism, but my sister in law is an autism specialist.  She is in New York right now studying with one of the top specialists there.

The band Five for Fighting has truly stepped up to the plate with this issue.  Every time you watch the video here, Five for Fighting will donate $0.40 to Autism Speaks.  This funding goes towards research studies to find a cure.  They are hoping for 10,000 hits.  However, I know the blogging community, and I know what we can accomplish.  Please pass this along to all of your friends and family.

Now, my cousin does not have same type of autism as the child on the video.  However, the challenges regarding therapy and the insurance companies is the same.  I do have to warn you though — make sure you have a box of Kleenex's nearby because you are going to need them.

15 thoughts on “Help The Fight Against Autism

  1. This is something that we are somewhat familiar with although the person we know is 19 years old, was never diagnosed at all. That person has a lot of the signs and symptoms.

  2. A fight against autism is a fight against autistics.

    I'm autistic and Autism Speaks does not speak for me. Being autistic is the way I am and I don't want to be "cured" – whatever that would be – I'm not diseased.

    I agree with Amanda Baggs' answer on the interview question if autistics should be treated: "Yes – treated with respect."

  3. I think Autism affects every family. I don't think there is a family that does not either have someone or know of someone who does not have a person with autism. I just read of a woman that son has a severe case and was find until the age of 8 and then all of a sudden slipped away mentally. They were able to bring him back to where he was before but it took them about a year. All went well until he was around 18 and then it hit him again until he was 23 years old. What she and her husband went through along with her son is unbelievable and so sad. It would tear your heart out.

  4. Great post! My younger cousin was recently diagnosed with autism. I do hope they find a distinct cause for the disorder (if it is in fact caused by one thing) and continue to improve treatments for it.

  5. Thanks for posting this video it means a lot. As a single parent to 2 boys on opposite ends of the spectrum its important we keep this message going, it helps awareness more than you could imagine ! 5 years ago not many people were affected by Autism directly or even really knew about it , today so many people I meet already know about Autism because they know someone who has a child with it – the number of people now affected somehow by Autism is incredible as well as quite scary , I fear what the next 5 years will bring 🙁

    Please stop by my Autism Toy site if u get the chance – thankyou 🙂

  6. I think so too, 2boysonthespectrum. The more funding researchers get the closer we can come to lowering the ratio of autistic children to non-autistic children.

  7. Simon: Amanda Baggs is NOT autistic! For the love of Pete folks, think. Let me help you see the facts that show she's NOT autistic.

    Amanda Baggs Autism Controversy search for "abaggs.blogspot.com"

    Facing Autism in New Brunswick: CNN, CBC and the Amanda Baggs … Jul 15, 2009 … OR GOOGLE: "Amanda Baggs Controversy" sites that reference a number of personal testimonials purporting to contradict statements and indicate Baggs is a fraud. (autisminnb.blogspot.com/…/cnn-cbc-and-amanda-baggs-controversy.html) Baggs, like Donna Williams, suffers from MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT autism.

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