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Helpful Greenery

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House plants play an amazing role within the home (aff). Not only do they add to the aesthetics of the décor, but they also naturally help with air filtration and purification. There are thousands of different plants to choose, so it is important to choose the right types of plants for your lighting and temperature as well as the humidity within your home (aff) in order for them to flourish. Here are a mixed variety of different plants that are beneficial to have in the home.

Aloe Vera

This common household plant is used as a first aid helper for burns and small cuts – but it's important to know how to use it correctly. You should not just break a piece off and coat a burn with it – instead be sure to remove the outer layer and inner skin to get to the clear gel, and gently dab it over the injured area. Using the yellowish juice can cause contact dermatitis and is more prevalent in older plants.

Spider Plant

This beneficial plant comes in either a variegated or plain green form, and grows well in just about any conditions – making perfect for the beginner indoor gardner. The spider plant is known for actually removing formaldehyde from the atmosphere, helping with purification of the air you breathe from day to day. It's especially known for the manner in which it spreads new plants. Small, baby spider plants grow out of the parent on long stems, and can be added to a new pot very easily.

Peace Lily

This extremely hardy plant produces fragrant white flowers and tolerates neglect well, making it easy to revive to health for the beginner that doesn't water it enough. Commonly found in public areas and malls, this plant is also a competant air cleaner.


This plant is a vigorous grower and turns into interesting trees to fill those corners of a conservatory that you just don’t know what to do with. Hardy and easy to care for, easily contained in a large pot for their roots, they are one of the plants that prefer full sun to mild sunlight and make for a very attractive feature.

English ivy

Though this plant is also one of the air purifier plants, and seen in many homes because of the ease of growing and the fact that it’s a climbing vine, it's toxic to pets and it's not recommended for any home with animals. It is a known air purifier and very beautiful, but care must be taken to be sure the ivy is not allowed to trail to the floor – if any small pets are present, they must be stopped from eating the leaves.


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