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Helping Hands Books

There are lots of events in your kids lives that are hard to explain — being scared to go to school, bullies, strangers etc. Sarah Ferguson has a great new line of books for kids that deal with these social and personal issues that affect them. The books show how to turn a dreaded new experience into a positive one. Each book in this series deals with a problem and how to solved it. I also love that at the end of each of these books they have helpful hints from leading child psychologist Dr. Richard Woolfson. These hints can give you a few new ideas on how to deal with these situations.

First, Ashley Learns About Strangers is about “stranger danger”. There's a great rhyme in there if your kids are old enough to remember it.  Your kids will learn about what to do if they are lost and how to stay safe.

Next, Emilys First Day Of School is about what a new school is like and shows your kids how much fun school can be. It's a book we are using with Will to get him prepared for his first year of preschool.  It's a great way to show your kids what to expect the first day of school and there are some great tips for us parents to make this transition easier for everybody involved.

Next, Matthew and the Bullies is about a little boy who was getting bullied and what he did. It's has a great ending too! I like that it shows kids to ask for help from the adults in their lives. There's also some great strategies for us parents if our child is getting bullied (And as I learned this last school year, bullying can start as early as kindergarten).

Last, Michael and His New Baby Brother shows your little ones the positive things about being an older sibling. I liked how it didn't go into the jealousy that can occur, but concentrated on all the good things.

These books are a great help for the stepping stones in your kids life.  They are written at a kids level with great illustrations.  My kids enjoyed them quite a lot!

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