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Hey Arnold!

I swear that all the good cartoons came out when Bill and I were kids. Hey Arnold is another classic cartoon that we can enjoy as a family (with a little nostalgia thrown in).

Hey Arnold!: Season One has 20 episodes and follows the adventures of Arnold (a 4th grader) along with his Grandpa, Grandma, Anber the pig, and other friends and neighbors.  This show had an all star cast of Toran Caudell (7th Heaven), Dan Castellaneta (Simpsons, Futurama), Tress MacNeille (Simpsons, Futurama), Jamil Walker Smith (Shark Tale), and Francesca Smith.  Each episode Arnold struggles with a situation be it helping a friend with homework or his own problems.  Helga is also another character to watch.  She picks on Arnold, but she really likes him.  Hey Arnold! was on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2001.  It also aired on Nick on CBS from 2002 until 2004.

The DVD collection was a great blast from the past for Bill and I.  However, it was brand new for my kids and they loved it!


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