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Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To The Dr Office We Go

Well, last night Madison tripped in her room and clocked her chin against her bed rail. All I know is that first I heard thud and then she cried. Bill was right behind her and said her legs went out from under her. I thought she just had a little cut, so I calmed her down and got her to go back to bed. This morning I looked at it again. She still had the cut, but it also looked like she split open her scar where she got stitches about a year ago. It also looked really red, so I called the doctor. I ended up having to bring her in.

Well, I feel like an idiot. She didn't split her chin open in two places. Instead, she does have one cut. However, the rest of it is an abrasion. That never even crossed my mind. She took off about 3 layers of skin. I just need to keep a band aid on it with antibiotics.

She is fine. She likes showing everybody her Dora band aid. However, getting it on her is another story.

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