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Hickory Farms

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hickory famrsI am a fan of gift baskets. Where else can you get lots of yummy food and have it be called a present? It is also pretty nice when everybody in the house can enjoy something from it.  Hickory Farms gift baskets don't disappoint.  We had one of these to try over Thanksgiving, and everybody loved it!  Besides the excellent cheese and sausage (which we are still munching on a week later), my husband is in love with the cheese cutter that this basket comes with.  How many gift basket come with what you need to cut the contents with?

The basket itself comes with (besides the slicer):

2 (aff) – 12 oz. Beef Summer Sausages
– 12 oz. Ham Summer Sausage
– 10 oz. Original Cheese Ball
– 7 oz. Pennsylvania Dutch Edam
2 (aff) – 6.5 oz. Apple Pie Cheddars
– 10 oz. Sweet Hot Mustard
– 5 oz. Flatbread Crackers

I have to admit that I loved the apple pie cheddar cheese.  It was beyond yummy.  That is a flavor I can readily admit I've never had before.  Bill was super excited about the mustard because well, he loves mustard.  My only complaint is that this doesn't come with enough crackers!  This makes a great gift for a get together or house that is fan of cheese of sausage (which would be mine!).  If anybody wants to know what to get me for Christmas, please send me another!  🙂

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a Hickory Farms gift basket to facilitate my review.”

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8 thoughts on “Hickory Farms

  1. I went on their site and my first stop was at the Cakes section…simply delicious 🙂 I'll ask Santa to bring one..basket, pretty please

  2. I freaking LOVE Hickory Farms!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I should head to the mall soon and get some cheeeese … Thanks for making me hungry! 😉

  3. My late MIL used to sell Hickory Farms in the cheese and gourmet store she owned back in the 70s! We always enjoyed it when she brought some home!

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