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Another awesome game that has come out this year is Hike. This new card game is where nature springs surprises and player battle for survival. It isn't as dire as that descriptions sounds — I promise. 🙂

Hike is fairly easy to play. Each player (you need 3-8 players to play) gets 7 cards. You get to play one suited card or a specialty card each turn. Now, each card allows you to play 3 different suits (aff) on it. The specialty cards though have to the funnest part of the game. They do crazy things like reverse play, skip your turn, etc. You get to encounter things like avalanches and poop. Yes, poop. Let's just say that's the part of the game my kids break down in giggles. You win the hand by having the fewest leftover cards. If you are able to use all your cards, you get a bones.

Hike is for kids 7 and up. However, there isn't much reading involved, so you can get the younger kids playing. Will needs very little assistance with this game. We, as a family, had a great time together playing Hike, and I can only recommend it for your family too!

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