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Holgate Baby Blocks

When my daughter Madison was little (she is 4 now), we were on the lookout for any sort of wooden blocks. We never found any for her. However, we did find this set of Holgate Baby Blocks for Will (my 15 month old), and they are a huge hit in my house.  The blocks are colorful and have color, letters, and fun drawings on each of the six sides.  Will likes to stack two of them on top of one another and then knock them over and go “oh oh”.  What surprised me with these blocks is that Madison loves them just as much.  She builds a big tower with them and has Will knock it over.  She also likes the letters on them too. She tells me the letter, and we discuss all of the words that start with that letter that she can think of.  These blocks are a great toy for both of my kids, and I would highly recommend them.

2 thoughts on “Holgate Baby Blocks

  1. What a happy-happy day!!! I have been looking for wooden blocks with letters on them for so long… My little one is 5 now and I need such blocks to start learning words while playing. She knows many letters but don't understand how they get together to create a word – I hope that such blocks will help with this…

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