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Holiday Fun

I love to play games, and I think my love of games has rubbed off on my children.  I'll play any board game against anyone.  I personally love Monopoly, but in 12 years, my husband has only one a few times (so for some reason, he doesn't want to play with me anymore).  However, this year, I think our game playing will be on our Wii.  We are having Christmas at my house, and we are the only one with a Wii.  Besides some Wii games, I think we will be playing War and Go Fish, since Madison is four and that is about all she knows how to play.

What games do you play on playing over the holidays?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Fun

  1. My wife bans me from board games at Christmas. Apparently I am too competitive. My father-in-law hates board games so matches can be tense affairs. We have over the last few years agreed upon board game amnesty and in place we all get involved in giant jigsaws! Much more relaxing!

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