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Holiday Ideas and BoxTops

I am a huge fan of BoxTops. My daughter's school collects them, and they are a great way to earn money for your school without doing anything different. Things like my daughter's cereal and my sons juice have them.  The other really easy way to earn for your school is to shop using BoxTops marketplace!  If you are shopping online anyway, why not earn a couple extra bucks for your school?  You just go to the site, click where you want to shop at (like Barnes&Noble), and then make your purchase.  You've now just earned money for your school!  If you are in need of Christmas ideas still, check out their gift guide!  There are a ton of great ideas in there.  Another way you can help your school is to find out if they have a My Class Essentials registry and shop for the classroom supplies they really need. All December long they have free shipping on orders more than $10! Plus, 2 percent of each purchase goes back to your school.

It doesn't matter if your child attend public or private school — our schools need every cent we can send their way.  Why not spend a little on yourself and help your child's education out at the same time?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Ideas and BoxTops

  1. I'm all for donating/contributing when the reasons are right, but I wonder if forwarding cents via box tops is really doing more for a single child's education than spending some time reading them a story, explaining a concept, taking them on a nature hike, and so on. No reason why you can't do both though, I suppose. Thought-provoking post.

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