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Hospital Tour

Bill and I went on the hospital tour yesterday. Yes, I've been there twice, but I have only seen the room they put me in and that's about it. I am so glad we went. I learned that they have birthing rooms which are way better than the labor rooms I have been in so far. I also learned that if Bill isn't there right away, we may have some issues getting him up on the floor and that I need to discuss that with my doctor. We also learned that the babies are not allowed to leave any room in anyone's arms. They have to put into a crib or incubator. The babies also will have a bracelet around their ankle and their wrist. One of them has a sensor in it that will go off if the baby leaves the floor. It was very interesting and definitely not waste of time (like I know Bill thought it was going to be).

2 thoughts on “Hospital Tour

  1. Well at least they have security measures in place.

    It's getting closer huh? Totally exciting! I love that new baby smell so sniff the head a bunch of times for me…LOL

    A friend on mine had her new baby girl on Thursday. They named her Lola Pink. I love that name!

  2. Yeah, seeing the babies in the nursery kinda freaked me out a little. Made this all a bit more real. I don't remember Madison that small.

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