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Hot Locks Dolls Review and Party!

When I was asked to review and throw a party for 10 of Madison's friends, I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn't want to be the coolest mom on the block?

Hot Locks are the coolest new dolls out on the market.  They are fashionable dolls with 14 (yes, I said 14!) inches of hair on them.  Each doll has a unique personality and their own look.  You can also get a deluxe doll with has twice the amount of hair (it has two 14 inch ponytails.  Though I guess that would be pigtails then, wouldn't it?)

What did the girls think of the party?  Here's some pictures:

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The girls absolutely loved the dolls. I had ages 4-6 years old at my house, and they all were able to play and do their hair with little to no help.  The deluxe Hot Locks doll came with a hair stamper that everyone had to try out.  The last picture in my story above, Madison had said “whoever thinks the Hot Locks dolls are awesome, raise your hand”.  As you can see, everyone raised their hands.  I also had one little girl say to everyone “This is the best party ever”.  Needless to say, the girls had a great time!  I've talked to several of the moms who's girls were at the party.  I've gotten glowing reviews from them too.

Not only are these dolls fun, they have a good price point too.  The regular dolls will run you about $7.99 and the deluxe dolls are $12.99.  I had no problem locating them at my local stores, but I know that Toys R Us definitely has them!  These are a great gift for Easter, a birthday, Christmas, or any event you need a gift for.  Except for some snarling, the girls had a blast!

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One thought on “Hot Locks Dolls Review and Party!

  1. We love dolls and own a very large collection of many dolls, and I never heard of Hot Locks dolls! They look very sweet, the girls can't wait to play with their hair…the price and size are "pro-moms":)

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