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How is bolting the windows shut at the capital in Madison Wisconsin NOT a fire hazard?

Yes, you read that correctly.  I just caught these pictures on Twicpic via @ericming5 that they are bolting the windows shut in the capital building in Madison Wisconsin.

2nd pic of bolts placed in Captol windows. This is #notmyWI. ... on Twitpic

PICTURE of bolt tops being taken of, effectively making it im... on Twitpic

Last one, pic of bolts in capitol windows. #notmyWI #WIunion on Twitpic

The bolt tops have been taken of make it impossible to open the windows. How is this not a fire hazard and how is this okay to treat your citizens this way?

Now, this is what I've gathered — they started kicking people out of the capital this afternoon saying that they had to clean (who knows if this is true or not. I've got people saying it was gross. I've got others telling me that the people were cleaning it themselves. One of the sources for that statement is the Chicago Tribune over the weekend). However, NOW they are not letting anyone back in. The ACLU is now involved. They are now seeking an injunction to permit public to freely enter Capitol. Also, Senate Org Comm is circulating ballot requiring Majority Leader's signature on all paychecks of Sen. Dem employees. What the essentially means is that they will NOT get paid until the Democrats return.

Even though I no longer live in Wisconsin, this makes me ill. Please tell me that this is NOT how you treat Americans.

(If I hear any more about this tonight, I'll update this post.)

PS Mainstream media – How are you NOT covering this???!!!???

18 thoughts on “How is bolting the windows shut at the capital in Madison Wisconsin NOT a fire hazard?

  1. Wow. Absolutely Wow.

    But no, this is NOT how you treat Americans.

    The capital buildings are owned by the taxpayers, the citizens of the state, and therefore, the citizens have every right to enter.

    AND escape should a fire break out, or forbid, an explosion.

    What you have happening here is a governor who has decided that he basically, doesn't want to fucking hear it anymore, at least not inside of "HIS" capital building.

    They can go protest outside, but he just doesn't want to hear it inside of "his own house" any longer.

    This is a total slap in the face to every citizen of Wisconsin, and it should be a major wake-up call to the citizens of that state, and every other state in our great union.

    The message that Governor Walker is sending is this;

    You can protest all you fucking want, but not in my house. But you should basically all just give it up anyway, because I'm going to punish all the dems who walked out by refusing to pay them, I'm going to punish them (and subsequently their families) where it hurts until they come back, and when they do come back, they HAVE to vote, and I (Governor Walker) may just find a way to make them vote my way even if it means that I secretly tell them to all vote my way, or don't get paid."

    Governor Scott Walker, is in my opinion, a very dangerous man, and all of those citizens of Wisconsin who voted for him, should all now be sitting in their homes all questioning what the hell they have done to their state and every citizen in their state, by voting for this dangerous man.

    There may be some citizens who agree with what he's doing, getting rid of the union's voice and power, but if he succeeds, who's next?

    What job sector is next?

    What group of people will be a target of his next?

    DO NOT think for even 1 minute, that this is all he wants.

    His plans for Wisconsin start here, but I can guarantee you all, that dangerous men like this, already had plans before they were ever even elected, and they have a list of what they hope to achieve while in office, and they will check 'em off as they go.

    Scott Walker is far from over in his plans for Wisconsin, far, far from over.

    He's really just begun and the people of Wisconsin should start being very, very afraid of what is coming next, because something else is coming, mark my words.

    1. Mainstream media isn't even covering the peaceful protests that are going on in Madison. The best coverage you'll find is on The Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.

  2. This is not a fire hazard. There are building codes that must be adhered to, and windows are never considered a "means of egress". (The image is probably a second floor window) Let's take this to the other extreme since this is what this article seems to be about. The reason the windows are secured shut is because some eco-terrorist is wanting to conserve energy by making sure that the building heating and air-conditioning units totally control the climate in the building.

  3. What a messed up situation. I hope they figure their business out soon. My sister moved to Wisconsin in November and this is what she was welcomed with.

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