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How Jon & Kate Are Just Like Paid Blogging

I know, two things you never thought would mix, but this whole thought process came to me while reading TMZ (I know — not the best sources for anything but it was great break).

I've been with paid blogging (well, at least Izea, since a few months after it started).  I've been in it for the long haul.  I've been called everything from a shill to a sell out to well even worse.  I've been told I'm selling out my kids and exploiting them.  Guess what — that's everything that I am reading about Kate from Jon and Kate.  I seriously started having flashbacks.

Granted, the whole sponsored conversation (aka paid blogging) has gained a lot more acceptance or so I thought.  People actually admit to doing it now whereas two years ago you were the antiChrist if you were a paid blogger.  However, what I am seeing again is that if you are reviewing products, then you aren't a mommyblogger.  If you aren't disclosing like certain people want, you are scum of the earth.  You get my point.  Amazingly, everyone was cool with Jon & Kate until the news broke he had an affair.  Now, you'll see all the people coming out of the woodwork saying that they are selling their kids out, exploiting them, overworking them, etc.   (And what kills me that according to most of the comments I've seen, it's all Kate's fault.  Seriously, why is it always the woman's fault?  He cheats and it's her fault.  Just don't get it.)

I think once the tabloids start leaving them alone the public will come back around and support them again just like mainstream media is picking up that paid blogging is here to stay.

Side note:  Honestly, I like Jon & Kate plus 8.  I think TLC portrays Kate as a bitch, and you don't see what their life is really like.  It think if her brother truly cared about her kids, we wouldn't be charging $30,000, so he could bash them on national TV.  You wonder why they distanced themselves from her family?  I think I can see why.  Also, I think Jon has already checked out of the marriage.  Seriously, who buys a sports car when you have 8 kids!!!  I've also seen people bitch, because Kate goes tanning and gets her nails done.  Who cares?  How many husbands complain, because their wives let themselves go?  The other thing I've seen is that they are pissed that she's out on her book tour.  Really?  If it was Jon out there, this wouldn't be an issue.  I don't get why in this day and age that heaven forbid the woman works outside the house.

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3 thoughts on “How Jon & Kate Are Just Like Paid Blogging

  1. Great post. I think if Kate would have respected Jon more and not talked down to him, he would have invested more into the marriage. Not that it makes it ok to cheat. I hope they can work things out if there is any love left. The kids will be hurt if they split.

  2. Kate abuses that poor man. Verbally of course. If he did cheat on her, I wouldn't be surprised that his reason was he was looking for someone who treated him right. Every time I watch that show I wanna knock her upside the head. She's a bitch.

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