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How Low Can You Go?

I just read a post over at TechCrunch that has me fuming. The Google Smackdown according to Mike Arrington was only brought down upon posties that “shill” themselves out and that we are “pathetic”, because people are freaking out about it. Instead of writing up anything of value, he instead chose to attack stay at home (aff) moms and people trying to make ends meet.  If you read all of the comments to this post of his, he has not only turned off people who do paid posts, he has turned off his own readers.  I think your linkbait backfired (or did it since you did drive a lot to yourself?).

Let me start posting the pictures of the kids' Christmas's that this effects.  Would you still call them pathetic?  When has people venting become pathetic?  If TechCrunch wasn't there tomorrow to pay your bills, wouldn't you be freaking?  I'll even start by posting pictures of my son (actually there are a whole ton in my flicker account over in the sidebar that you can choose from).  We have over $1,00o in medical bills this year just for him.  Doing some paid posting has allowed me to pay those bills.  I have actually bought some of the products after I posted about them (to answer the question of one of his readers).  Everyone has a story.  Some are better than mine.  Some worse.  None are pathetic.

Mike, come here to Chicago and tell me I'm pathetic to my face.  Quit hiding behind the internet and be a man.  It is a lot easier to be an ass and write something than say it to their face.  I won't hold my breath for your arrival.

17 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. WELL SAID!! I only wish that he would lose some of his page rank so he can see how the shoe fits!! I was so mad when I read his post, that I couldn't even leave a comment!!

  2. Very well said. No one is as pathetic as him, I think he made a big mistake picking on mom's and people who are trying to pay bills. The US economy is sucky and no one wants to hear that people are having money taken from them.

  3. I am truly in shock that he went this low. He stepped over a boundary now, and deserves every bad thing that comes his way. Dear Santa, skip over the Arrington household.

  4. I agree with Jules. His timing was incredibly bad, he was childishly nasty in his glee, and he aimed at people who are just trying to make a living and do good for others. In my book, that's a bully.

  5. I'm not embarrassed to admit that those were my forum posts that he made fun of. I was feeling very emotional at the time, and I probably shouldn't have posted something so hysterical-sounding, but those were my feelings, and to be called "pathetic" and "shilling" and even "mentally ill" (by one of the commenters)-well, that really hurt. A lot.

    Thank you so much for immediately jumping on Gmail chat to check in with me. You are a true and dear friend, and I appreciate you so much. I'm letting it go, I'm moving on.

  6. Slinging mud about moms is just about as mature as it gets. This joker obviously doesn't realize the magnitude of the stay at home mom market on the net.

  7. Whoa. That was my first time at techcrunch and it will surely be the last. He's a hypocrite of the highest order whom considers himself an Xerxes like God King of blogs. *bleech* Those types of A-Listers churn my stomach.

  8. The guy is an asshole and a hypocrite – I guess it's true that most successful bloggers are high and mighty.

    I used PPP for another blog which got zerofied like everyone else's but it is not a main source of income for me. I can only imagine the impact this must have on those who have PPP as their main income source.

  9. Well said! Everyone should have the opportunity to make money. Let each one decide what he/she wants to read.

    By the way, how DO you make "paid posts"? And how do you make sure others don't plagiarize your work?

    Just wondering, as I'm a newbie at this …

  10. Great post! I am linking to this post from my site if that's okay? I have vented my spleen about the same matter. PPP know damn well how their posties have suffered and yet still use Google PR to issue assignments. Its a bloodsport there to get just $5 if you are at zero and they know this. They are now taking blogs only a month old with just 10 posts – I'd say their ranks have thinned considerably of late and no wonder. Any new blogs signing up with them lose their PR within a matter of days now. They certainly change their Terms of Service to suit themselves.

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