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How NOT to rekindle the romance after kids:

Hum the Boohbah theme song.
Mention glycerin suppositories.
Say, “Does this fat make me look fat?”
Moo when you take your bra off.
Call your partner “Daddy” in a singsong voice.
Remind him of the greatest miracle of your relationship: the time he saw your vagina turn inside out.

I got this list in an email tonight, and it was too funny not to pass it on! Now, a good way to rekindle the romance is take a few luxury vacations (and I'm not talking about the ones to the water park with the kids!). Let me know if you know so more ways NOT to rekindle the romance and I'll add them to the list>

3 thoughts on “How NOT to rekindle the romance after kids:

  1. We have a luxury bed ad breakfast and our guests very seldom mention their suppositories..

    Mind you, I wouldn't discuss mine while I was on holiday either! LOL

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