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HP Printables

As many of you know, I am an HP snob. I may have bought a MAC for my latest laptop. However, I still got my trusted HP printer to go with it.

I am just a fan of their printers. I love that I now can buy the ink colors as I need them (instead of having to buy one color cartridge even though all the colors weren't out). Plus, this printer can do almost everything. (It can't cook you dinner or clean your house. However, there isn't a print job it hasn't been able to tackle).

With it being in 100s here in Chicago all week, we've been look for great activities for the kids to do indoors. It is just too hot to be outside, and since the air conditioning is having a tough time keeping up (its 83 degrees in here with the air on!), it is nice to find projects that the kids can do without running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The is where HP Printables come into play! What you can see on printer is the Lifeguard Monitor Monster (which is quite fitting in this heat since all everybody wants to do right now is swim!). Printing projects like this out takes less than a minute. It is super easy to put together, and the lifeguard even gets accessories. The kids enjoyed putting their lifeguards together, and mom enjoyed keeping everyone cool. Make sure you check out HP Printables for fun when you are trying to stay out of the sun!

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