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I Arrived In Cincinnati

I love getting off a plane and being greeted with a sign. It makes me feel, well, important. This is day one of the Pampers Mommy Bloggers Event. I just got to Cincinnati, and its just as hot and miserable here as it is in Chicago. However, I am in an awesome hotel. I can't wait to sleep, alone, in my king size bed.  I think it even has a down comforter (aff).   Yes, it is the little things that make me happy.  I have to say I was happily surprised with the little gift packs they had awaiting us in our rooms.  Lets see, there's toothbrush, Secret, Olay, Water, sleep mask, loofah, and some awesome slippers that I can't wait to try on tonight!  I have about ten minutes before I have to leave to go take my tour of P & G (that's who makes Pampers!).  I guess this is a tour that journalists don't even get to go on.  After that, we are going to dinner in Kentucky!  I can't wait.  I have to remember that I don't have to inhale my food since the kids aren't here.  That's what they have planned so far for day 1 for us.  Tomorrow, we will be conferences all day, so I am pretty sure I won't have much time for blogging.  However, I am hoping to get a couple pictures tonight, so you can see what awesome company I am with.  Well, I have to head off for my tour so talk to you all later!

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3 thoughts on “I Arrived In Cincinnati

  1. Very cool, always fun being greeted at the airport. Did you do a blog redesign or is it just me? Love the little post-it notes for the dates that stand out, and the google ads look cool too.

  2. so excited for you to be there! how fabulous. and thanks for posting some details as i've been anxious to hear about the trip and conferences. please keep us other mommy bloggers in the loop on the P&G pampers happenings! enjoy the time away….although it is wonderful i feel like it makes me miss the kiddies even more!

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