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I don’t watch reality TV but . . .

I was sent this video this morning (I'm adding a second embed because I can't get the first one to work all the time):

singing rock boy @ Yahoo! Video

Now, I hate American Idol. We are alternative/rock fans here, and the music normally played on their is not our cup of tea. I have tried watching it before, and it just didn't trip my trigger. However, I think I am addicted now. I have spent this morning watching all the Adam Lambert videos I could get my hands on (after watching this video), and I have to admit I am impressed. He was seriously channeling Led Zepplin here. I hope he wins, and I may be calling in some votes (shoot me now).

10 thoughts on “I don’t watch reality TV but . . .

  1. Who sent you that video? I had it working and then after the embed, it stopped working. I had posted the follow-up to my facebook — so glad you got to see it.

  2. Frankly, I used to hate alternative/rock music, as I think those screaming and shouting is ridiculous! However, I started to pay attention on it, after I watched how incredibly Adam Lambert carry out the rock music! 🙂

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