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I hate insurance companies

I am currently sitting on hold with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  You may all remember that Will had to go to the Emergency Room when we were in Green Bay over Labor Day Weekend.  Well, my insurance is not covering that visit.  Actually, we went twice on the same day, so it makes it even worse.  I have talked to somebody and now they are trying to fix this.  Why is it every time we end up in the emergency room I spend hours of my time trying to get the billing correct?

12 thoughts on “I hate insurance companies

  1. I hate dealing with Insurance companies too. Too much red tape. Just out of curiosity, what does a trip to the emergency room run these days. It's probably a scary figure huh?

  2. unfortunately, I think this is all too common. we went a round for over one year with the hospital /insurance company. By the end, I think they were just annoyed with me and gave up 🙂

  3. The problem is not insurance, it's sleazy insurance companies that try to weasel their way out of paying for any claim they can.

    Don't let me get away with it!

  4. I hate when people blame the insurance company. 90 % of the time its the providers who bill incorrectly. Please blame the correct area.

  5. I went to the Doctor with bronchitis and while I was there I told them to go ahead and do the annual PSA test that Blue Cross Blue Shield allows and is supposed to pay for.

    They rejected one by saying that I had brochitis once before when I had Blue Cross Blue Shield in another state and it was no longer covered because of that and they rejected the PSA test because they said that I didn't go to the doctor to get it, I went with bronchitis so it was not my primary reason for going. What kind of morons run that place?

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