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I have weird children

On a more funny note, I have weird children. I really do. most kids, you cannot get them to eat their fruit and vegetables. My kids, on the other hand, would rather only eat their vegetables. Will, my 16 month old, won't even eat fruit unless you make him! I know, very odd. My daughter, who is 4, will pick through her food and your food too for vegetables. She loves bananas, fruit cups, anything healthy for her. I know, most people would kill for this.

On the flip side, they both have hair fetishes (can't wait to see the search engine traffic I get on that choice of words). However, I really can't call it anything else besides a fetish. Madison sucks on her hair. It is a bad habit that, I think, took us over a year to break. She never ate it (and we know this because when she was 2 (aff) the doctor had an x-ray done of her belly to see if she had hair in there. This would look great on an employment screening — I'm not a doctor I just play one at home (aff) doctoring up my kids. You have to love my technical terms like belly. LOL). Will, on the other hand, actively seeks out hair to eat. If he sees a brush, he'll start pulling out the strands of hair and try to eat them. It is sooo gross.

So, as you can see, I have really weird kids.

6 thoughts on “I have weird children

  1. 😯 :mrgreen: I am green with envy. I can't even get my daughter to eat one piece of potato. She only eat processed meats…Thats all…Mostly hotdogs and meat loaf…

  2. Eww…hair… My little sister used to eat dirt when she was in preschool; weird/gross! My daughter seems to go through stages of what she wants and doesn't want to eat. You are lucky that your 4-year-old WANTS to eat her veggies… you must have done something right!

  3. Hey don't worry my kids are weird too.

    I have 2 daughters 5 and 3 one loves tomatoes, carrots, cucumber etc.. and the other won't touch them. Between the 2 of them I only have to fix 1 meal. 🙂

  4. That's really weird and gross at the same time!! Don't the get sick by eating and sucking hair? I'm not a mom but I have cousins who never get enough of sucking their thumb, never heard of a child sucking hair before.

    On the other hand you did a great job on having them eat veggies without forcing them. My cousin would not even dare put a carrot on her mouth. You're lucky in that sense. :mrgreen:

  5. 😀 Wow! you are so lucky. You don't even have to teach them to eat fruits and vegetables. They just do it. Like them I don't have difficulty eating any kind of vegetables or fruits either. They're my favorite. Great post 😉

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