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I love cookies

Who wants a cookie? I know that I always could go for a cookie no matter when it is. However, I think I own one cookie recipe (actually make that two because I have a chocolate chip recipe and a Christmas cookie recipe). Bill and the kids get bored of my one chocolate chip recipe and are constantly bugging me that I should find some new cookie recipes. I think I found the site to solve all my cookie problems.

Popular Cookie Recipes is the site to go to when you are looking for the best cookie recipes. I also learned some cool facts about cookies that I am definitely going to be using in my next Trivia Pursuit game. Did you know that the first cookies were really miniature cakes used to test oven temperatures before the baker cooked the final cake? There is a long history that follows the cookie that I never would have guessed that I learned tonight. Anybody want to challenge me?

The real reason I wanted to check out the cookie site was for the recipes and I was not disappointed. All the recipes listed are super easy to make and hard to screw up. You know, my type of recipe. I looked at everything from the Chocolate Chip Recipe to Snickerdoodle Recipe to the Gingerbread Recipe. I think I could handle all of them.

The more I keep talking about cookies, the hungrier I keep getting. Needless to say, I think I am baking some cookies tonight. Anybody want to join me?

5 thoughts on “I love cookies

  1. I just bought some interesting premade cookies yesterday. They are called Easter cookies and have pastel colored chips in them. I would like to make some from scratch but I don't even know where I would find some pastel colored chips.

  2. Today, March 5th, we are featuring Girl Scout Cookie Recipes on The Best Copycat Restaurant Recipes Blog and giving an E-book download of The Big Book of Cookies. It’s Cookie Heaven, Man.

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