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I love Sony!

Seriously, I love Sony.  You all may remember that I received a Sony Cybershot camera in April.  However, when I went to Izeafest in September, my camera was dead.  I thought it was the battery.  However, it was not.  Instead, I ended up contacting Sony about getting it fixed.  All I can say is that their customer service team rocks.  They were able to send me a label, and I sent my camera back.  In a little less than two weeks, I had my camera back working good as new.  They also able to help me when I lost the cables that connect the camera to the computer.  Since my Cybershot saves to the hard drive first, I need this cable.  They were able to send me one. This kind of customer service makes me want to buy more products like a Sony Vaio the next time I have to buy a new laptop (aff) (which should be about a year since that is about as long as my laptops last).

Do you know of any companies out there that have given you excellent customer service?

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6 thoughts on “I love Sony!

  1. I have heard that Sony has good customer service, we had a Sony Vaio for 7 years and it worked very well and we had no problems with it.

  2. That's why people go for branded products, there service is quick ,they listen to you and try to solve your problem in every possible way.

  3. Yep, Sony's customer service is among the best customer services that I ever knew, as I mostly purchase Sony products and the warranty also another big advantage of it as well!

  4. I think it's great when someone praises a company's customer service. Usually everyone destroys customer service and I can say that I'm guilty.

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