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I Made Madison Cry . . .

Until I offered her some cake. 🙂

About 2 (aff) am yesterday morning, I woke up. I literally sat straight up in bed and realized that 1. St Nick was suppose to come that night and 2 (aff). That Daisy (our puppy) had surgery scheduled. Needless to say, I got up and put the St. Nick gifts out right away. As for the puppy, I wasn't 100% sure. What a great way to start your Monday morning.

I did call while I was taking Will to school, and Daisy was indeed scheduled to get fixed. I went and grabbed her and dropped her off. I didn't have any time to prep the kids for this.

At dinner last night, Madison wanted to know why Daisy went to the doctor. (Well, that's what I told her). I told her to ask Bill and he told her to ask me. (Nothing like passing the buck, right?). Now, how to you explain getting fixed to a six year old? I basically told her that Daisy was at the doctor and getting fixed so she couldn't have puppies. (It wasn't like I had any computer support or IT support that could google what you say to a six year old.) Obviously, this was NOT the correct thing to say, because she bursted out into tears. She wailed about how Daisy should have puppies and she'd take care of them, and on and on and on. It was pretty bad. Until . . . .

I offered her dessert. I asked Madison if she'd like some cake. Immediately stopped crying. 🙂

Note to self: Cake solves almost everything. However, on a more serious note, how do you explain why you get a dog fixed to a 3 (aff) and 6 year old. Any suggestions on what I should have done different?

2 thoughts on “I Made Madison Cry . . .

  1. LOL. I would use the same strategy too ~ probably with ice cream! Sorry, no help here on how to answer that question. Let me know when you find one. 😉

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