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I need sleep

Okay, so it is 1:30 in the morning.  I have been to bed twice and I cannot fall asleep.  I don't normally have insomnia, so I am not sure what my problem is.  I didn't drink any caffeniene today — I did eat some mini-Snicker bars though.  I wonder (aff) if that's what is keeping me awake right now.  How do the rest of you cope with your insomnia?

3 thoughts on “I need sleep

  1. I am pretty much a night owl and do not normally head to bed until about 2-3 am. However, I do often find myself not able to fall asleep. What happens I always go run a very hot bath and let my bathroom steam up. I will lay in the tub until the water starts to get cooler.

    Then when I get my PJ's on and walk out of the hot bathroom I get chilly from going from hot to cool. So I curl up under my soft microfiber comforter and it puts me to sleep every time.

  2. I have the same problem with you two. But I have a 2 simple solution to my problem. Either to drink a Glass of milk or a bottle of beer. 🙂 It's very effective. I don't know for you though.

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