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7859810ba6c7_main200The I-Turtle is for 8 years old and up, but we have had a ton a fun with it here. You can place the turtle in front of a speaker or plug in right into your iPod. Once you do that, the turtle will start swaying its head from side to side, taping its foot, and moving its shell up and down. The LEDs on the turles shell also flash in different patterns. All of this is done with the beats (aff) of the music you are listening too. My kids absolutely love this. Any time we turn music on they run and get the turtle, so they can watch him.  It is very cute.  Now, let me warn you, don't mess with the turtle's tale.  The LEDs all turn red, and the turtle does not like it at all.  Also, the LEDs can also turn red if it doesn't like your music.  Now, if it does like your music, it'll even play a few of its own riffs!  My kids love that and start dancing to its riffs.

We've put it in our kitchen below our counter radio, in front of the tv, and even plugged it into our iPod.  It works great and keeps the kids entertained.  Who can ask for more?

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