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idiocracyIdiocracy is one of those movies that you don't intend on watching but you get sucked into it (trust me, I've seen it 3 times now and none where on purpose). The basic premise of this movie is that Luke Wilson becomes part of a government experiment and wakes up to find himself 500 years in the future. What he finds is truly sad. He instantly goes from average Joe to the smartest man in the world! The people in the future no longer think for themselves and buy into pretty much anything you tell them.  It was a sad state. The movie is actually quite humorous, and it is scary that, at times, you can actually see some of this happening in our society now. People buy into commercialism and don't bother doing research on a product. They just take the company's word for it (Watch the scene in the movie about actually using water to get crops to grow). Heck, last election cycle worked like that too, didn't it? Overall, this isn't a movie that would make it to my top ten movies. However, it is a great Sunday afternoon flick to watch that doesn't require a lot of thinking, and you definitely get some good laughs.

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