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I love IKEA most of the time. I hate IKEA because I want to spent way to much money there. Most of the items at this store I would classify as contemporary. They sell everything from furniture to silverware to kitchen cabinets. There is something for everyone there. I just bought this bookcase there:

I bought 12 baskets to put in there and am going to use it as a toy box of sorts. I saw it on display there like that and love it. They have whole apartment sizes rooms set up to show you how you can decorate with a limited amount of space. I also bought this computer desk there:

As I said, they have all sorts of things. If you live close to an IKEA, you should definitely check it out!

5 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. I need that bookcase AND that computer desk! Ikea is over two hours away though, so it would be like a whole Saturday trip for us. Maybe I can talk my husband into it…

  2. If you ever make it to Chicago, me and you will have to go shopping. It is about 30 minutes from my house in no traffic (an hour in traffic). 🙂

  3. I know! I have a soft spot in my heart for IKEA too. I live in Denver and we're about to get one here. I'm so psyched! I'm a kitchen designer so I'm interested to see what their kitchen cabinets are like.

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