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I’m kinda addicted to Facebook now

I realize that title isn't the greatest English.  However, in the past couple of days, I have found myself semiaddicted to Facebook.  Now, I still don't understand it, or why I should be using it.  I don't get all those applications.  That being said I ran into a bunch of people I went to high school with.  It started with one of them friending me.  I then started looking for other people I graduated with.  It was weird, cool, and a tad freaky all at the same time.  I actually had a couple of conversations with some of my old classmates too.  I'll even admit that it kinda makes me want to go to my next class reunion (shh don't tell anyone).  It's nice to look at the pictures and see that we all have aged, gained some weight, and have some of the cutest kids ever!

Am I the only one who has gotten caught in this time suck?  Why do you use Facebook?

3 thoughts on “I’m kinda addicted to Facebook now

  1. I created a Facebook page because a bunch of other Posties were doing it. I had no idea I would get bombarded all day long with people throwing things at me and requesting that I accept their gift of this thing or that thing. It's got to the point now where I just ignore every request I get to add some new application. Although I do play Scramble and I have a couple of friends who keep me on my toes playing it!

  2. I use my FB to fight Vampires!!!!!


    It's so funny that you posted this, as I got active on my FB about a week ago and yes, it's been sucking my time ever since. And I am not complaining!

    I also love Flair. A lot. Heh. :mrgreen:

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