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I’m leaving . . .

At supper tonight, Madison decided to tell us:

“Hey you guys, I'm leaving.  I'm going to California.  I'll come and visit”

Yes, this is my 4 year old.  I have no idea where she even got this idea.  I refrained from laughing, and we just let her keep talking.  She didn't say anything (aff) else quite as funny.

9 thoughts on “I’m leaving . . .

  1. Haha I just cracked up at that. At first I was wondering if it was a teenager that had said that, but when you put four years old… 😀 That was just too cute.

  2. That’s funny. 😀 Little kids are so cute. Sometimes they said things like this which are funny and so frank in the same time. 😆

  3. LOL…Interestingly enough, my daughter's name is also Madison, and she says random quips such as that as well. Kindred spirits, maybe? Either way, it's amazing how much little kids pick up on, and what sails through their minds on a minute-by-minute basis.

  4. This is hilarious and made me remember my 3-year niece’s recent adventure when she complained her mom about her new school-van driver that she did not like him and her mum just ignored taking it as a child’s thing. Dejected but focused, next day she went straight to the old driver and threatened him that if he did not show up the following day she would not come to school and all. To everyone’s surprise old driver was there to pick her up the other day. And that’s how the whiz kid changed her school van.

    Children, whenever I give a thought to this little marvelous creature I am usually dumbfounded, except the fact that they are the one of their own kind. Their charming faces, refreshing smiles, blissful acts, enchanting innocence, and entrancing laughs just make them out of this world. There is no doubt that children are the sign of God, truly divine.

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