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I’m sick and I’ll whine if I want to

Seriously, of all weeks to get sick, THIS IS NOT THE ONE!  Okay, done yelling.  To make matters worse, Bill and I have the same cold.  Now, the only thing worse at this point is if we would have gotten sick in a couple of days like the morning of Disney.  Even so, this sucks.  Seriously.  I have some major packing and some major work that needs to get done this week.  I don't have time to be sick.  Ick.

Now, while I am gone I've got some cool stuff happening.  Still not sure if I am going to have internet (working on Bill to let me get it).  However, I will be doing some testing this week with some pictures from my phone.  If everything works well, they will autopost for me.  I can then hopefully keep you all updated on our Disney advertures.

It's off to bed right now though, it's 12:20 am, and I'm never going to get better without sleep.  See ya later alligator.  🙂

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