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Insurance Hell

Be warned. There is some foul language in this post.

I am so mad right now. We just started getting the EOB's (Explanation of Benefits) from Blue Cross Blue Shield (that would be our health insurance company) from Madison's er visit and hospital stay. Actually so far, they are just for the emergency room. And they total over $5,000. Just for the emergency room. We haven't been charged for the hospital stay yet. And from what I can tell we are getting charged for physician services that are out of network. Ok, here's where I am confused. The hospital is in-network and so is our regular doctor who told us to go to the emergency room. How can I help that the physician we saw in the emergency room is not?!!??? So that isn't covered. What the hell!?!

I am waiting to actually get a bill and see if they really do charge us for it. If they do, that is bullshit. I am going to be pissed off till we get a bill, and they will be getting an earful. It's pointless to call now when they haven't billed us yet cuz it may end up getting written off on their end. We'll see.

What a nice start to a day, huh?

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