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International Home and Housewares Show

A couple of weeks ago (I know, I'm a little behind on posting about this) I attended the International Home (aff) and Housewares Show.  This is the best place to see what's going to be hot this year.  Plus, I always see products I'm in love with.  Some highlights from the show include the puppies:

Yes, those adorable puppies were at the show.  They were at the Germ Guardian booth who was representing products that would get pet dander and stuff out of the air.   Ok, now that we are done looking at the puppies, let me show you some of the really cool products I saw.  Some of these products will be reviewed over at Lisa Reviews over the next coming weeks.  I'll be adding the links when they publish to this post at the end (yes, many are already written and scheduled to post).  Products that I want, so I know you all probably want too:

I actually blogged about the Mint last year. This is the coolest product ever.  It's a mop you set up, and it mops your floor for you.  What mom can't use that?
Helen of Troy had some great hair products that I'm dying to check out.  (For those of you who read Table4Five, that's Elizabeth with me).  Their Pro series is super awesome.  This picture is of us doing some models hair.  🙂

The Smart Cart (aff) (review will be on Lisa Reviews on Friday) is a must must must have.  Let's just say this really light cart has 19 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, 1 bottle of wine, and the top to a candle from Yankee Candle (that's what is in that box).  Yes, it seriously held all of that and was light enough for my kids to pull.  This Smart Cart (aff) will be going to Green Bay every trip here on out.  That along with some Space Bags, my traveling life has become a lot easier!

Another product I'm dying to get my hands on (and I know will be hot) is Soda Stream:

Soda Stream allows you to make your own soda at home (aff).  It's just as good (if not better) than soda out of a can.  I was impressed, and can't wait to get one at my house! Another product I'm drooling over is the Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner.  Lastly, you have to love the Protect-A-Bed guys:

Not only do they have a great sense of humor — they have an awesome product line.  I own several of their mattress pads, and they are great!

This is a small snapshot of the hot products I saw at the Housewares Show this year.  What product do you think you'd like the best?

15 thoughts on “International Home and Housewares Show

  1. Those puppies are precious.

    I have a Helen of Troy straightener that I scored on a super sale for less than $30…. I LOVE IT!

    And those Girl Scout cookies look yum.

  2. I had a blast there last year, but my contact no longer works for the company that invited me. LOL!

  3. I'm so jealous! It looks like you had an awesome time and found some really cool products, too. And puppies? Seriously. Who doesn't like puppies?

  4. Puppies are cute but it is irresponsible for that company to use them as a marketing tool. Young dogs do not have enough of an immune system to be out in such a populated area.

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