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International Housewares Show and Mint

Thanks to an invite I received I was able to attend the International Housewares Show last weekend here in Chicago.  I saw soooo many new products that I'm hoping I'll be able to introduce you too.  I was able to see the top products and what will be coming your way in the stores in the coming months.

That being said I have to admit the top item I saw at the show has to be the Mint.  Here's what it looks like:

Now, if you have a Roomba (aff), this works almost like that but BETTER!  Seriously, 100x better.  I know this because we use to own a Roomba (aff).  My main complaints with the Roomba were the virtual walls and that fact that it was sooo loud.

The Mint solves all of that.  It is awesome and I want one as soon as they come out.  If it works as well as the demo I saw, I'll be in seventh heaven.  The Mint is made for hard surface floors.  Instead of virtual walls, you have a cube (that is half the size of those stupid walls) that you put on the counter, end table, etc.  You place a Swiffer pad or wet pad and click the start button.  That's it!  Your floors are clean!  For a dry pad, you are looking at it taking 25 minutes to clean.  With a wet pad, you are looking at around 40 minutes.  The Mint ends the cleaning where it started, and it's super quiet. It's also 3 (aff) inches tall and 10 inches wide, so it fits almost anywhere!

These aren't in stores yet, but will be out this summer.  You can go to their site and preorder one.  I'm working on Bill right now, so I can get one when they come out!

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