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IronMan Armored Adventures: Season 2, Volume 1

When you have a superhero fan in your house, you jump at any chance to review Iron Man Armored Adventures:  Season 2, Volume 1.

This DVD has 6 episodes with Tony Stark.  We follow Tony Stark, a 16 year old genius and heir to the billion dollar corporation Stark International.  He battles the enemies of the world with his armor technology.  A tragic plane accident robbed him of his father and nearly costed him his life.  To honor the memory of his dad, he uses his suit to protect those who would fall prey to tragedy, corruption, and conspiracy.

In Season 2, he battles to keep control of his father's company.  His suit ends up getting stolen.  Does he get it back?  Does it get used for evil?

You will have to watch the DVD to find out.  That being said, Will loved this DVD.  He likes Iron Man and this fits right along with the cartoon and his story.  If you have an Iron Man fan in your home, I can only recommend this!


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