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Is Christmas in the air?

I just spent a couple of wonderful days up in Green Bay. It's nice visiting my family, and we got to spend a little extra time there which made it all the better. We drove there on Thursday and got back late this afternoon.

Yes, I was one of those crazy people out on Black Friday.  We were standing outside of Target before it opened.  The wind chill made it -5 degrees.  Yes, I'm that crazy.  🙂  However, I got what I wanted!!!  That  makes it all worth it.  However, I think I may need to talk to a recruitment agencies next year.  That was brutal.  It think I am still cold!  Seriously!  We shopped from about 2 (aff) am to 10 or 11 am (I don't remember).  I met all sorts of really nice people, and none of the rude people you always hear about.

The best part is that I think I am down to only have about 2 (aff) or 3 (aff) presents left to buy!  I may pick up some more things for the kids here and there (no need to hire recruitments to get that), but I'm mostly done.  Plus, I didn't break the bank!  Even better!

Where are you on your Christmas shopping?  Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

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