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Is it getting hot in here?

Summers in Illinois are hot. I don't like hot. I like nice cool air conditioning.  However, our air conditioning unit has started acting odd.  It started last summer (yes, after I cut down one of the three ninety foot pine trees in front).  Some days when it is ninety degrees out, it will cool down just fine.  However, other days, I can't get the stupid thing to go below 78 degrees (74 is what I am aiming for).  When I asked on Facebook what new air conditioning and heat systems are running nowadays, I almost fainted.  Now, our unit was put in 1994 (I've got the receipt from the prior owners), so it may be on its last leg.  Last summer, we had to replace a part (and you'd think I'd remember what it was but I don't.  However, it completely quit running, and the part was $10.  It was worth fixing).

How do you all keep your air conditioners working well?  So far, we've cleaned the area around the outside unit up and made sure nothing is close to it.  We also have changed filters on the furnace.  (On a side note, we saw on the news last night that people are actually stealing units off your property for the copper.  Yes, the copper.  The ruin a several thousand dollar unit for a couple of bucks of copper.  I'll be honest, I never ever ever thought I'd have to worry about thieves coming to take my central air unit!).

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