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Its Snowing!

Can you believe it?  It actually snowed here in Chicago yesterday.  I had to actually put the kids in their winter coats. It's only October, how crazy is that!  Granted, it lasted all of 15 minutes.  However, it made for a very slippery trip to the chiropractor.  To make things even more crazy, we are suppose to have a high of 68 on Thursday.  Then you wonder why all of us in the Midwest get sick in fall.  Could it be our crazy weather?

3 thoughts on “Its Snowing!

  1. YES! Everyone around here always gets the ICK in the fall and the spring when the weather does this crazy yo-yoing stuff. I'm hoping to avoid it this year but since everyone comes in to work and breathes their germs on me all day, it's a bit of a long shot.

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