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Since the Google Smackdown of '07 happened, page rank definitely does not mean what it once did. Webmasters are now running afraid since sites that did not even have paid links on them got smacked down to a zero. They are starting to no follow all their links since they are running scared. However, by doing this, they are really messing up google's ability to have a quality search engine. Anyway, what does google page rank tell you? Not much. Supposibly it is the authority your site has. The higher page rank the better the site is suppose to be. Well, I cannot be the only one who has seen terrible sites that have been ranked high. Heck, I have seen splogs (blogs that steal others content through their RSS feeds) that I have high page rank. Please, tell me how that ranking is telling me anything.

IZEARanks.com is attempting to solve that problem for you. Right now, the only way to monitor traffic is through companies like Compete and Alexa. The problem with compete is that it only follows unique monthly hits and alexa only works if the person viewing your site has the alexa tool bar. Izea Ranks is a measure of your traffic against all the other people who have the tracking code on their blogs. It is a much better way to track your traffic. You don't have to expect your readers to do the work. They can do what they always do, just come and read your blog. If you are afraid of google, have no fear. IzeaRank uses a different code than Pay Per Post. You are able to see your rank, your uniques hits, and your pageviews. They are even giving away $1000 each week in February to the blog with the #1 RealRank. I know that won't be me — however, if any of you win it I'd like a finders fee! LOL

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