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Jack’s Big Music Show Teaching Mom Things Too

There is a blog that I come across every so often that has a picture of dulcimer in it (and of course, I can't remember the URL at all!).  Here is the sad thing — the only reason that I even know what a dulcimer even is is because of Jack's Big Music Show.  This is a show that my kids watch on Noggin (for those of you without kids, Noggin is a kids cartoon network.  They have great shows like Jack's Big Music Show and Yo Gabba Gabba.  There also are no commercials, so you won't be seeing ads for Anoretix, Star Wars, or the new greatest toy ever.)  I just find it seriously humorous that I learned something from my children's programming. Then again, what little Spanish I know is from Dora the Explorer and Diego.

What have you learned from watching your kid's cartoons?

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One thought on “Jack’s Big Music Show Teaching Mom Things Too

  1. Oh yes, I have learned lots from watching tv with my child. I count on Dora and Diego for my daily Spanish lesson. Hey, watching it 50 times only reinforces that right? And is it sad that I love Little Einsteins for their exposure to classical music and art? Love them.

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