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Woo hoo!!! I paid off our Jeep today. Let me tell you – it feels really good. It is nice to actually own the vehicle. I think we are going to keep full coverage on it, because it is Bill's work vehicle and he drives pretty far every day.

Now, anyone in the market for a vehicle — I highly recommend a Jeep Liberty Sport. This vehicle has treated us well. We only have had to take it in for maintenance and one or two recalls. That is it. Bill loves it when he is on a job site, since he has no problems getting in and out of the mud.

5 thoughts on “Jeep

  1. OMG! Doesn't it feel awesome when it's one less payment a month?! Congratz!! I am doing the happy dance with you! I wish the happy dance was for me.. but I have a few more years left for the no car payment happy dance.. lol! 😉


  2. Congrats! I am so tired of making payments on my car. I've only had it for a year, too. Hopefully I can pay it off early so that I can join in on that happy dance!

  3. congrats on paying the Liberty off. You should check out the Wrangler for your husband's next car, they are a blast to drive!

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