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Jon & Kate Plus 8

This show is on over at Discovery Channel. It is about a family who has two sets of multiples. They actually have a set of 6 year old twins and I think the sextuplets are three now. This show is about their life. I love it, because you get to see the real life of them. You see the fights. You see the frustration Kate feels with the kids everyday. You hear the noise. I complain about have two kids two different ages. I cannot imagine having 8 under the age of 8. Can you?

19 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus 8”

  1. Oh, heck no. My husband hates it when he sees that show listed on our Cable guide. My ex-boyfriend's name was Jon, and let's just say that every time the show's title pops up my husband points out, "That could've been YOU!"

  2. hello jon&kate i love your show. the kids are precious. i like the fact that you are a REAL mom in this day and time and jon is a sharing father. good work guys.

  3. I saw it before. Couldnt stand to watch them deal with all those children. I just cant imagine doing that. you see your duck up there in your other post? that would be me!

  4. I am past standing Kate Gosselin! She has the sweetest, most helpful guy in the world, and does NOT appreciate him. I'd like to take her and Mady and shake them together in a big bag. Tqo most annoying people never existed. Please lady, learn to appreciate the great husband you have. Many another guy would have been driven away long before now!

  5. My daughter & I absolutely love the show we have fallen in love with those kids. Each one is different in their own way. We say they better never take it off the air because we want to see the kids grow up. tThe only thing I wish you saw more of is affection between jon and kate. We have been watching since the first episode and love it more each time and if we miss a episode its okay we have the dvr record it!!!

    we say WE LOVE IT……

  6. I LOVE Jon & Kate and ALL 8 KIDS! I love the show! I watch the reruns on Sunday nights and the new episodes on Monday nights. I think Jon and Kate are awesome parents and the kids are just adorable. "I look forward to watching them grow up!" I've watched their story from the beginning and I am never bored with it! I hope the show's continue, I love watching them!

  7. I have loved the show from the very first day. I to am a Christian and am happy to be able to say so in this day and age… Kate you are one of the most organized persons I know. God works in mysterious ways and that is why you have what you have:8 beautiful children. I have 4 girls: Nichole 31, married to Danny. mother to Brittany 11. Jamie 29, in a relationship with a woman Shree who has 3 kids Ann 2, Ivy 4, Andy 10. Jessics 26 who is married to a fundamentalist Islamic man. We are not allowed to see her or talk to her.They only live with-in miles of where we live… (we snoop)but to no avail… we cannot see her. And then my baby, Danielle 16^ (17 on the 18th)She ais a straight A student who plays the flute(main)piano(next in line 11 years private lessons)is in marching band and orchestra band,she is a cheerleading sport:football, basketball and competion (this is why it is concidered a sport).She wants to be a Math Professor and teach music too on the side.She also loves gymnastics but her long torso and legs put a stop to that.We are so very close. But as you know with children MONEY IS TIGHT<Kate and Jon have ingenious ways to get around obstacles. She will not let her children go without or suffer any hardships… I am that way too. I will do everything possible to make my daughters lives enjoyable.I look forward toseeing how Kate and Jon make their children's lives stimulating. I Love each and every child. I have multiple life and death situations, Cancer twice, Rheumatoid arthris, high colesterol, high dlood pressure, back surgery with lower back fused together(one disk came out completly several othersbulge in and out causing some agony, I always have to have nitro patches for heart pain…..My lungs…. I have pulmonary fibrisis, (some say emphesema too)I need oxygen every day and all night.It is hard but I am a full time mother. I do the best I can do.

  8. I don't know how she isn't crazy yet. I would think you would be pulling your hair out. I love that Discovery has kept it real and you get to see the parents fighting and the kids fighting. Life can't be great all the time. Though it makes me feel guilty about complaining about my kids.

  9. hi there kate i love the show and all of the kids. i dont know how u do it keep up the good work. i like it when you put your hair behine your ear that is cute. i want to watch the kis grow up. and i am a mother of 4kids and a grandmother also i would like to see more new shows dont get me wrong i do lik the reruns. thank you mina from kentucky

  10. Hey Lisa – I saw this under your "popular posts" and had to check it out. I cracked up to see all the comments from well meaning but apparently completely idiotic people who think they're leaving comments for Jon & Kate!! Hello? Did you not READ THE POST? Major, major comprehension problems there.

    I maintain the site for my moms of twins club, and we had a post about Jon & Kate coming to speak in Colorado. Do you know that one post gets more hits on it than any other content on the site? And I've deleted at least a dozen similar comments from people professing their love to Jon & Kate, as if they're sending them a direct email instead of leaving a comment on someone's personal blog that's completely unrelated to the show, to TLC, etc. It just leaves me dumbfounded! They obviously arrived via a Google search, but evidently they…skipped past the very first link, which goes DIRECTLY to their personal page, and skipped ahead like 30 pages in the search results to leave an inane comment on a completely unrelated site. And these people are driving on our highways! Oy!

  11. Does anyone else notice that as of tonight, every blog that is about Jon & Kate is blocked?

    I mean discussion groups by others not related to them.

    I was just looking at these blogs this afternoon, and now I keep getting a message that Internet Explorer cannot show them.

    They are Jon & Kate Plus 8 Color Me Gosselin and

    Gosselins Without Pity

    Can anyone else access these blogs? Did they block them because they were critical?

  12. I could not possible imagine having more than two kids. I love this show and hate to see it go off air. Maybe they will change their minds 🙁

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