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Just what we need right before Christmas . . .

It is about 3 (aff) am here. Why am I blogging? Well, I was sleeping until I half sleeping watched the power surge twice and then heard a loud boom. What was that? My back door (which was closed good and tight – Bill was the last one in the house today) was blown off.

This second picture is the door brought into the house. It took Bill and me to even open the back door. That's how much pressure there was outside. I just checked the weather and I guess we are under a wind advisory. We can expect gusts between 45 mph – 57 mph.

Here are few branches that I found outside too. I'm not sure if you can tell, but they are pretty big:

Also, since it has been so warm today, I have standing water all over my yard too:

Those leaves were all picked up. All of the garbage cans were blown over and the contents are now all over my yard. Most of the stuff in the yard has already been put away for winter thank goodness. Bill doesn't have any sort of tool storage out there we have to worry about either. The patio set is already in the garage. Otherwise that would have been thrown all over the place.

I haven't decided if we need to call the insurance.  I have no idea how much that back door is going to cost to replace.  However, we now have a gap between the back door that still remains and the floor, so we have to do something and do that something semi quick.

3 thoughts on “Just what we need right before Christmas . . .

  1. Man, it went from 50 some degrees at 3 am to 18 at 9 am. And its snowing (not bad though). Except for the wind gusts, there shouldn't be too much of a problem flying in.

  2. The wind was waking me up too… hope it’s not supposed to last too long… my dad is supposed to fly in to Chicago, and then from Chicago to South Bend this afternoon. It would suck if they were stuck somewhere else for Christmas!

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