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Keeping Warm and Fashionable

Man, did it get cold here in Chicago. Our weather cannot decide what we are going to have for weather. Let's see — we got over ten inches of snow on Friday. We had thunderstorms on Sunday (with thunder and lightening) which melted the majority of the snow we had (so glad I spent 2 (aff)-3 (aff) hours snowblowing us out!). Now, it seems like we have some arctic cold now. If you can believe it, it is warmer in the morning when I drop the kids off than when I pick them up! The wind here has been beyond brutal.

That is wear things like polo neck inserts come in super handy. You can wear those and still be super stylish. The inserts give an extra layer of warmth without weight. You can wear a stylish sweater and not be afraid of showing off a little more than you want. Plus, even here too many layers can look bulky and not good. It is just nice to be able to stay warm (and not too warm!) and be fashionable at the same time!

Have you had crazy weather where you live? Is it hot? Cold? Crazy weather swings?

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