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Kiddie Camp

Madison started Kiddie Camp yesterday and had a blast. Mommy loved it too since it is 4 hours. When I drop her off, they get her out of the car, and when I pick her up, they put her in the car. It is great! She was so excited all morning for this, and I don't think it disappointed. She told me about it all afternoon and what they did. Now, this is 2 (aff) days a week (Tuesday and Thursday), and they are going to a play on Thursday. What a memory that will be for her! I think they are going to see Alice In Wonderland. Some of the other field trips they will be doing this summer is the zoo and Chuckie Cheese.  The next couple of weeks should be very fun for her!

4 thoughts on “Kiddie Camp

  1. My son started day camp earlier this month and he's having a blast. So is his Mommy. Sure is nice getting a break while knowing they're having fun, isn't it?

  2. It is. My son napped the entire time she was gone, so I actually got some "me" time for once. I can't wait till tomorrow! LOL

  3. Camp is not only awesome for kids, but it gives us parents a nice needed break as well. My two younger kids have been going to art camp this past week and just love it. They are going to go for four weeks this summer every afternoon. So I'm loving it too! 🙂

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