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browserMadison is now 5, but she’s been online for quiet a while. She actually knows how to use a computer better than her grandmothers! My fear with letting her on sites like Playhouse Disney and Noggin is that it is super easy for her to end up where she shouldn’t be.  She has often clicked things she shouldn’t.  My fear has always been that somehow she will get herself on a porn site.  The other problem we have is that if she ends up back on the desktop she ends up renaming files on us.  She’s actually just trying to get back to where she is, but it can be messy at times.

Now, the Kido’z Browser takes care of all the problems you’ll have when you let your little ones online.  The system blocks links, scripts, and any other attempts that lead to sites and content which have not been approved, preventing them being viewed by the children.  The parental control account is a parents only, password protected area which allows the parents to manage their kid’s account and content.  Now all content is sent through their moderators.  However, you are able to adjust what your kids see.  You can also easily add content like websites and videos (which for us is great because there is some great stuff on YouTube).  The really cool part of that is that you can share what you added.  The content will be added (after moderation) to the public content stream and others will have access to what you added!  As you can see from the picture to the left also, it is super easy for the kids to navigate.  They don’t have to be able to read to use this browser either(which is great in my house!).

Best of all, this browser is free.  It is a free download and comes with no spyware and no adware.  You can easily protect your kids, and it won’t break the bank for you!  If you have little ones in your house (like me) who use the computer, I highly recommend trying this out.

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5 thoughts on “Kido'z Browser”

  1. As a computer user and single father of two boys (7 and 5 years old) I personally find a couple of things inherently wrong with Kido'z browser. Please understand I cannot comment on the functionality of the browser, as I have not tried it. I will however comment on the browser's implications.

    I don't like the fact that a company is willing to spoon feed my CHILDREN what they 'think' they need or want. Many parents are willing to let them. By making computing a family experience, I am acting as the responsible filter…. and by proxy a responsible parent. It's kind of like when people complain about television programming and what their kids may see. Well…watch tv with them and you don't have to worry about what kind of programming they view. The same goes for computing, especially online. When you surf/browse with your children you are giving them exactly what they need… a responsible, intelligent, real time content filter that not only protects them from whatever nonsense is out there, but is also there to enlighten, guide, answer questions, and emphasize the beauty that can be found around the networked world. Most importantly, you and your children will develop a special kind of understanding that is priceless….time spent with your child will show them that through all of the turmoil in the world today, that you DO care. The tv was a babysitter as I was growing up, the computer should not be today's babysitter. Instead of installing the latest and greatest child's internet programming filter …turn the fucker off and go outside and take over the world!– Just do it together.

  2. I like the idea of being able to add sites yourself rather than having to stick with what is chosen for you. This would make the site a good homepage for kids to easily reach pages they like to visit often.

    I agree that the computer is a great parent and child activity. Kids should also be free to explore and learn for themselves whenever the interest and curiosity drives them rather than being restricted to when a parent is able to sit with them. Being able to do so in a safe environment is wonderful and having a simple interface where they can succeed by themselves is a great motivator.

  3. I know some people think I should spend every second with my children that they are awake, but sometimes that is difficult. If one child wants to be on the computer and the other wants to be outside, should I force the two of them to do the same thing so we can be together? Or should I allow them a little individuality and go outside where there are more places they can get hurt leaving the older child to play on the computer for a while? She can't quite read yet, so she does sometimes break things accidentally.

    I don't think all computer use is wrong and as a home-mommy starting potty training with my youngest, I just cannot physically be right next to both children every second of every day. This program sounds very helpful for our family even if it isn't universally accepted. Now to find out if it will work on Qimo.

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